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The Chinese medical market offers vast opportunities, and a large number of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies are accelerating their strategic positioning.
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In recent years, supported by a series of favorable policies and an increase in per capita healthcare expenditure, China's medical industry has entered a phase of rapid development, and the market continues to expand. It is worth noting that in order to compete for a larger share of the domestic medical market, both domestic and foreign companies are accelerating their efforts, and collaboration between strong players has become a choice for many enterprises.

On May 14th, at the 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), Xiangsheng Medical and Philips signed a memorandum of cooperation. According to the key points of the memorandum, the two parties will focus on local clinical needs to bring domestically produced portable ultrasound devices suitable for a wide range of care scenarios to Chinese customers. This will help improve clinical diagnostic efficiency and work experience for doctors, and promote the high-quality development of precision diagnosis and treatment in China.

Public information shows that Xiangsheng Medical has long been focused on the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of ultrasound medical imaging equipment. The company possesses 45 key core technologies, covering whole-body ultrasound, specialty ultrasound, intelligent ultrasound, and core components of probes. Philips, on the other hand, is a leader in diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring, enterprise informatics, and personal health. In recent years, Philips has been vigorously promoting its "China strategy" and continuously upgrading "China manufacturing."

Through this collaboration, industry insiders believe that Philips can share resources with high-quality domestic enterprises, establish roots in the local ecosystem, and better serve the Chinese market with faster speed, more accurate perspectives, and optimized approaches. Xiangsheng Medical, on the other hand, will engage in collaborative exchanges of cutting-edge technologies with Philips, further exploring the potential for innovative development and achieving high-quality growth.

On the same day, New Hua Health and JD Health also signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the CMEF exhibition. The agreement states that based on their respective professional advantages in the field of healthcare, guided by the Healthy China strategy, the two parties will collaborate extensively in areas such as innovative models, channel deepening, domestic substitution, professional improvement, and industry development.

In addition, Omron Healthcare also announced a new strategic cooperation with JD Health at the CMEF exhibition. Leveraging their respective advantages in medical equipment, internet health services, the two parties will engage in long-term and in-depth cooperation in business resource integration, product development, consumer research, and explore the integration and innovation of cutting-edge technology, physical products, and medical health services, working together to promote the development of the health industry.

Overall, the current Chinese medical market is showing a long-term stable and expanding development trend. Against this backdrop, it is expected that collaborations, acquisitions, and new product launches by domestic and foreign medical companies in China will become increasingly frequent. This will continuously promote the accelerated development of China's medical industry towards high quality.